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 In order to provide holistic career development platform for those needy, the Master of Quality Engineering and Management (MQEM) program is designed by blending both the academic content and QE professional  certification. This programme will be embedded professional certification from various professional certification body such as Chartered Quality Institute (CQI), and Lean Center of Excellence (MLCoE). The mixture of academics and industrial experts is integrated into the teaching and learning process. Therefore make it as a unique master programme.

MQEM is  aimed at providing a comprehensive, internationally recognised master’s degree programme in QE that produces professionals with leadership skills who are knowledgeable and competent in QE discipline and technopreneurial activities. Those graduated with MQEM will be equipped with an advanced theory and application of QE particularly in Total Quality Management (TQM) with the optional certification CQI membership and Lean Six Sigma Green Belt (LSSGB) certification from MLCoE 

It is expected that the MQEM graduates will serve as competent QE professional and quality managers in the job market. This course is designed at attracting both domestic and overseas participants. MQEM allows engineering graduates and relevant technical personnels from either manufacturing and service industry to specialise in the area of QE. MQEM is expected to enhance the participant knowledge and understanding of all aspects of advance manufacturing, inspection, and quality improvement methodology (which they may not be quite familiar with), or to specialise further in this discipline.


Executive and managers in the following industries:

1.         Lead Auditor & Quality Management Representative (QMR).

2.         Process Improvement Expert / Lean Manager.

3.         Metrology & Calibration Expert.

4.         Testing and Inspection Expert.

5.         Quality Manager

6.         Project Manager

7.         Researcher / Academician




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