Malaysia’s largest private technical university, Universiti Kuala Lumpur (UniKL) in collaboration with Kasih Ikhlas AAT, a programme under Ade Azhar Trading Sdn Bhd has successfully concluded the Marhaban Ya Ramadhan programme.

As part of the bilateral collaboration, Ade Azhar Trading has handed over 1,312 of its ‘35 in 1’ Premium Qurans to UniKL in a waqf contribution amounting to RM790,000, said its Chief Executive Officer, Encik Ade Azhar Ismail.

“Under the Kasih Ikhlas AAT – a corporate social responsibility (CSR) programme of Ade Azhar Trading, this year, we have seen a total of 3,000 Qurans have been handed over to the underprivileged and eligible. One of them is those at UniKL.

“Our aim is to further enliven these verses of the Quran and bring us closer to this sacred scripture of Islam and better understand it,” told him after the closing ceremony of the Marhaban Ya Ramadhan programme, yesterday.

The Marhaban Ya Ramadhan programme, which began on 3 April 2022, is the first collaboration formed between Ade Azhar Trading and a higher learning institution.

Also present, were President / Chief Executive Officer of UniKL, Datuk Dr. Roziah Omar; Patron of Program Kasih Ikhlas, Tuan Mohd Khushairi Abdul Khalid; Acting Deputy President (Academic & Technology) of UniKL, Prof. Madya Ir. Dr. Mohd Khairil Rahmat; Acting Deputy President (International, Industrial & Institutional Partnership) of UniKL, Prof. Madya Ts. Dr. Zulhafiz Tajudin; and Chief Digital Business Officer at Ade Azhar Trading, Tuan Mohd Khairul Nidzam Mohd Sabri.

A total of 30 orphans from Pertubuhan Kebajikan Peribadi Mulia were also celebrated during the closing ceremony, where each received a ‘duit Raya’ donation from UniKL.
Datuk Dr. Roziah in her closing remarks, hoped that the collaborative relationship can be strengthened from time to time in achieving the noble desire to cultivate interest in reading the Quran among students and society, in general.
“A total of 1,747 participants took part in the programme this year and this number shows encouraging achievement. This programme can be considered an initiative from the organisers and participants to liven up this glorious month.
“Well done and congratulations to the participants,” remarked her.
For the record, UniKL embarked on the Ulul Albab programme in September 2016, with four campuses receiving students for the Huffaz Professional programme.
Huffaz Professional programme provides a venue for those who have already memorised partly or the whole 30 juz’ of the Quran to maintain and continue their memorising while pursuing the academic programmes of their choice.

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