Instrumentation and Control Engineering

Instrumentation and Control Engineering 

Bachelor of Engineering Technology in Instrumentation and Control Engineering (BICE) is a hands-on program which concerns on the application and implementation of measurement and control techniques of process variables for monitoring, record, control and performance assessment of a wide range of manufacturing and industrial processes.

Instrumentation and control systems are used in most industries to measure and control variables such as pressure, flow, level, temperature, density, pH (acidity or alkalinity), mass, conductivity, motion, force and chemical composition. These variables are consistently measured and monitored to ensure the output of a specific process are within a desired acceptable range and at the same time protect the safety of equipment in the system. Small changes in these variables may alter a process which produces a large impact at the end of the result. Corrective action need to be done immediately to control these variables back for a stable process system.

In most industries, a large number of process variables are monitored simultaneously. The advancement of technology in Instrumentation and Control engineering (ICE) fields enable industries to have only a small staff of operating personnel to operate a complex process from a central control room. ICE technology is the tool that enables manufacturers to keep their operations running within specified limits and to set more precise limits to maximize profitability, and at the same time to ensure quality and safety.

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