Sabith Mullaveettil came from India to join the MBA programme full-time at UniKL Business School. Apart from the comparatively affordable tuition fee, being at the heart of Kuala Lumpur is the main reason he chose UniKL Business School.
The campus is in the Quill shopping mall, which is connected to a monorail station, making it easily accessible. His intention in joining the MBA programme is to build up his professional networking. To quit his fulltime job and study at a foreign country is a risk he had to take considering the economic uncertainties.
The COVID-19 pandemic that hit the world since 2019 has presented wave after wave of challenges to the world economy. Malaysia is no exception in facing this economic depression.
Most companies and brands have changed their strategic positions to weather these challenging times. In times of poor economic conditions, companies are forced to reorganise their finances to maximise profits by reducing costs such as employee wages. This strategic change has an impact on workers who must compete to improve their marketability.
As you gear up for a challenging time ahead, you are probably trying to figure out the high-reward strategies to help take your career to new heights. UniKL Business School postgraduate programmes give advantages to professionals in improving their marketability.
Apart from normal classes, the MBA programme is filled with free tactical and strategic workshops, colloquium, study tour, hiking trip, and student mobility programmes with partner universities abroad.
Its students are provided a wealth of knowledge and new skills for research with NVivo and SAS analytics, artificial intelligence and data management used for statistical analysis and data visualisation. This advantage is relevant especially to young professionals building hard and soft skills that are desirable in today’s job market.
According to TalentCorp, an entity under the Ministry of Human Resources, Malaysia’s highly skilled workforce is only at a rate of 28.2%. This figure indicates a high demand for professional workers.
Employees with higher education levels have high marketability. Just like products and brands, an employee should have a unique brand to distinguish themselves. With higher education on the rise, an employee needs something that differentiates them from other employees to increase their marketability.
This MBA course is committed to transforming students and society. Students who want more specific knowledge can choose a more specialised business management course such as MBA (E), an MBA programme specific for entrepreneurial business management.
The business management master’s programme provides an advantage to professionals in the training of analytical skills, management skills and long-term strategic thinking.
The advantages of a business management course are not limited to the classroom. The students come from various educational backgrounds and different job industries. Students should wisely use this opportunity to build a wider network of contacts.
In addition, collaboration with InvestKL’s Fit4Work programme is open to all postgraduate students who want to build an effective and fulfilling long-term career.
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